The Occasional Perspective - 3/28/22

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The State of Health Care? The question on the “State of Health Care?” is an important question but requires a context. Too frequently, as I prepare The Fickenscher Files the context is not front and center but assumed. My reports are most frequently focused on the state of health care here in the United States where we (many of us) have access to the very best services available in the world. However, our first world problems pale in comparison to those of other places around the world. I turn on the news and see maternity hospitals being bombed in Mariupol or, an interview of an emaciated Mom holding a starving child – one of 2.5 million people that have escaped Tigray in Ethiopia or, a report from Yemen related to the ongoing crisis where millions of children suffer from lack of basic nutrition and health care services; and, I’m disheartened. Not only disheartened but upset to the point of glistening tears when I listen to the events of the day. Oy vey!! How can reasonable leaders allow such events evolve and decimate the lives of people?

In fact, the health of the people is front and center in virtually every conflict around the world. The United Nations and World Health Organization are absolutely correct to call out these atrocities. At the same time, the political leaders of the world need to step forward and take steps to prevent such indirect violence. I don’t have an answer although I know I need to do more than simply wipe away that glistening tear! Here are some ways to help… 

UNICEF Protect The Children

American Red Cross

Project Hope

US Ukraine Foundation

International Rescue Committee


Kevin’s Note: I am a regular contributor to Doctors Without Borders and encourage my readers to consider assisting them with a contribution. They are on the front line care providers in crisis locations throughout the world including the Tigray and Ukrainian refugees.

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