Responding In Kind -12/4/23

Responses and comments from my readers…I do receive periodic information from the many readers of the blog. While I have often responded individually, I decided that I should share more transparently. Hopefully, this contributes to an ongoing dialogue…

  1. Great writing.  Mark. Thanks. Much appreciated!
  2. Great issue, as always.  I particularly liked the similarities between what's happening in Israel/Palestine, Ukraine and the US Government. Anon. See “The Occasional Perspective below
  3. The issue prompted (some) thoughts…Re: the primary care shortage.  It feels like an incomplete discussion when nothing is said about the other PCPs, e.g., NPs and CNMs.  Looking at the situation in its entirety, things are grim for all providers. For a full picture, it seems as though the full complement of solutions has to be addressed. J.D. – I couldn’t agree more and will talk more about this in coming issues. I’ve been a proponent of NPs, Pas and other extension providers for many years but, we need to work together as a team from my perspective…more on this in an upcoming issue.
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