Readings and Listening To Consider - 2/22/23

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Something Totally Irrelevant To Healthcare – If you ever have the chance to visit me at my home, you will find that in addition to being “homey”, it also serves as the repository for nearly 500 turtles of various sizes from ¼“ to a massive turtle at the entrance to our home carved from granite and, everything in between derived from all sorts of materials. I recently learned that the giant South American river turtle – the arrau – exhibits distinct maternal instincts. Specifically, she hovers over her eggs on the seashore awaiting them to hatch. The baby turtles actually “chirp” to one another while still growing inside their eggs. According to researchers they appear to be “coordinating” their hatching experience. Hmmm? Regardless, when they are born the mother turtles call out to their babies to show them where the water is located with a quiet, low-pitched sound that we really can’t hear with the human ear. So, it appears that talking starts at an early age. And, it seems to me that this speaks to the notion adopted by the Chinese that the turtle stands for wisdom and knowledge. We may not understand it – but, there’s wisdom and knowledge if you can help your babies to water and get them to drink. Now, that’s more than you ever wanted to know about turtles…

Only One – And, It’s Staying That Way For A While – According to The New York Times, only one USA President since 1973 has NOT been the subject of a Special Counselor or Independent Prosecutor. And, who might that be? None other than, Barack Obama.

A Prayer For President Jimmy Carter – President Carter decided to forego further treatment and will be using hospice care at home for the duration of his ongoing illness. We should remember him for his integrity, his commitment to mankind and his truly blessed spirt of reconciliation towards all mankind. There are not many Presidents who go on to be cherished by their constituents for who they are as human beings. President Carter is one of them.

Readings and Listening To Consider - 1/3/23

Books and Articles worth a Review… 

In Case You’re Interested For those who have been following the issue, the  January 6th Select Committee Final Report is now out and available. It runs 845 pages so it’s rather detailed. However, the “Executive Summary” only extends from page 1 – 194 so the read is a bit shorter for those of us with shorter attention spans. It’s rather detailed and precise. It’s also very, very disconcerting!

Michael Kiel Cash – This is plain and simple unabashed advertising. Our son – Michael Kiel Cash – is a professional musician and has compiled his first album that he produced, managed, wrote and sang. He’s been referred to as the “Cosmic Cowboy.” The words of the songs are poetic and meaningful. You can check it out on Spotify by using the hyperlink. We get nothing. He gets some recognition.

North Dakota Humor – As many of my readers know, I’m from North Dakota. Although I’m from Bismarck & Grand Forks, here is some Fargo Humor that I wanted to offer up. Perhaps you have to be from North Dakota to appreciate it but, I laughed and laughed 😊. It’s worth a check…

Readings and Listenings To Consider - 12/7/22

Books and Articles worth a Review… 

Map of the Universe = WOW!! – I must admit, I’m totally enthralled with the findings of the Webb Telescope. It is altering our entire notion of what we (i.e. humans) are and what we represent. It’s outside of the health care sphere but it’s probably fostering an understanding of one of the most important elements of the universe – and, our position within it! If you don’t believe me, check it out at: The Map of the Universe.

Readings and Listening To Consider - 9/20/22

Books and Articles worth a Review…

 Making Comparisons – In a recent article from American Journal of Managed Care [2022;28(12)] the   authors[1] describe how Medicare Advantage is becoming the dominant form of Medicare coverage throughout the USA but, that “meaningful and accurate comparison with traditional fee-for-service (FFS) Medicare” is often not available to both beneficiaries and policy makers. The authors call for an improvement in the “transparency of programmatic costs and benefits to promote beneficiary choice.” The need for the comparisons is clear. Medicare came about nearly 50 years ago in 1965 as an entitlement benefit for the elderly. The articles notes that at the time of Medicare’s passage by Congress the average life expectancy was 70.2 years. Now, it is 78.7 years with more than 64 million Americans receiving benefits. But, rather than a simple Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) program, there is now a more value-based care delivery option, or Medicare Advantage (MA) designed to foster and support preventive services as a focus of the program. I can personally speak to the dilemma of many elder Americans in trying to understand the variable framework, options and approach to services not only with traditional Medicare but also the various Medicare Advantage options. On the whole, the authors raise a very important point – one that should be highlighted by health care professionals across the board.

A Repeat Thought – If you haven’t yet purchased your copy of Ray Dalio’s The Changing World Order, it is a MUST READ for all of us!! If you are traveling, the Audible version is also very good although having the book allows you to review the PDFs and graphics that are part of his thesis.


[1] Brian J. Miller, MD, MBA, MPHStephen T. Parente, PhD, MPH, MSGail R. Wilensky, PhD

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